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FYDC presents LionHeart

Based on The Lady and the Lionheart by Joanne Bischof


LIVE on stage:

Saturday, November 13

2 & 6 p.m.

Sunday, November 14

2 p.m. matinee

Wasson Academic Campus Auditorium

2115 Afton Way, Colorado Springs

Online Viewing:

Digital Premiere:

Friday, December 3

Buy/download the production or rent the performance for 24 hours online

Host a LionHeart  Digital Watch Party:

  • Digital playbill (Coming Soon)

  • Intermission Devotions (Coming Soon)

  • Themed Make-At-Home Menu (Coming Soon)

2021 Guest Faculty/Leadership

We have big dreams this season! It takes a village, and we're thrilled to announce ours: 

In addition to the Captain positions we implemented last season, we're excited to add two more Captains to our crew! Jorja Horst will be coming on as our Costume Captain, and Tonya Hayden will expand her role of Stage Manager to include the responsibilities of Props/Sets Captain. 

In addition to these administrative additions, we look forward to welcoming the following guests who will be working with our cast throughout the season:

  • Caroline Arthur  (Read More About Caroline)
    Ms. Caroline is a Turning Pointe alumna, former FYDC pointe soloist, current member of Ingredients Dance Company and staff member with Dance Revolution. Caroline will be working with the cast throughout the season and choreographing a number in our production.

  • Tina Cook (Read More About Tina)
    Turning Pointe's owner, Ms. Tina will be back throughout this season to drill technique, clean big numbers and choreograph our epilogue piece.


  • Sarah Hirleman ➟ (Read More About Sarah)
    Improv and acting extraordinaire, Turning Pointe and Improvasaurus' own Ms. Sarah will be back this season to assist with auditions and work with our cast throughout the season on facial expression, acting, pantomime and character development. 

  • Sara Murdaugh ➟ (Read More About Sara)
    The director of Turning Pointe's Training Division, Ms. Sara will be returning throughout this season to work on polish, partnering, choreography and aerial silks.


  • Peter Zapalo (Read More About Peter)
    The Director of Sports Science and Medicine for the U.S. Olympic Figure Skating Team for 10 years, Peter developed a workshop for the Pennsylvania Ballet for injury prevention and increased mobility/stability in the feet/ankles of dancers. He'll be leading this workshop toward the end of Intensive Week, when your feet are nice and tired! (It's going to feel SO good!)

Special Guest:

  • Joanne Bischof (Read More About Joanne)
    Author Joanne Bischof will join us via Zoom to discuss the heart and message of the story, and pray over this season with us as we kick things off Intensive Week. 

2021 Production

We are so excited to announce our 2021 production: "LionHeart," based on The Lady and the Lionheart, by Joanne Bischof. 


Author's Note: 

"The tattooed man at the circus. At first, the story began as a reflection on 'Beauty and the Beast,' and while those threads are still a special part of this tale, something even mightier was at hand as words tumbled on to page. 


It's the story of a man, who, through pain, bore darkness so that others could have life. 


A fictional resonance of a very true account: The Gospel. Has there ever been a greater love story than that one?


So the two themes entwined together. A book that allowed me to step out and feel the sun reflecting off the sides of tents. Hear the timbre of workers' voices as they steady wagons. Smell the scents of animals from every corner of the world and watch the lines of townsfolk form along the midway. It allowed me to experience a world that, in the shade of the Big Top, could be heaven on earth, or at times, much darker. When it came to the 'good versus evil' in this story, the circus seemed an appropriate location for such a battle to wage.


But in life, just as within the story, the darkest night is not the end. The battle has been won. Light has risen. A new day dawns. And though the act is complete, and the scars are forever there on he who gave his life, we, like Holland (the baby), are given hope. We, like a small pride of lions, have had the price paid for our freedom. And we, like Ella (the nurse), have the honor of being invited as the Bride of Christ. What a gift we have been offered. If this story could play a small role in pointing toward that gift, given by a man who did not have to walk the hard, hard road for us, but chose to anyway, my greatest hope for this story will be fulfilled. That these pages would point to the One who is the most lionhearted of them all."