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[French] Translation: "Faithful"



1.  Steadfast in affection or allegiance

2.   Firm in adherence to promises or in

observance of duty

"But what good is it, my brothers, if you have

the faith but not the works?"

James 2:14

FYDC Missions

Launched in 2023 with the company's 10th season, FYDC Missions strives to make a global impact in His name, using the arts as a demonstration of His Kingdom around the world.

FYDC Missions encourages its members to live with the conscious intention of using their God-given gifts in the arts as a means of ministry. Team members will work as the Lord's hands and feet in their communities and beyond, building authentic relationships with the people they serve and the teammates they serve alongside.

Worship Workshops

Students selected to the FYDC Missions Team will instruct worship workshops designed to teach participants how the gospel and the arts can intertwine. Members will gain experience in leadership and program development as they use the arts to spread the gospel through devotions, improv and dance instruction.

Touring Production

Members of the FYDC Missions Team will learn and perform a 30-40 minute touring performance, separate from the company's annual production. The touring production will be performed in conjunction with each worship workshop to powerfully demonstrate the topics covered as ministry in motion.


The FYDC Missions season will take place January-April following the company's annual production in November of the previous year. The Missions Team will meet twice each January to learn the touring production and twice each February to rehearse and receive leadership training in worship workshop programming. Missions will be carried out in March and April with the expectation that members are fully committed to attending each rehearsal and missional endeavor. 

2024 Missions

March 24-30, 2024

  • El Salvador

April 2024

  • Vail, CO, USA

April 2024

  • Colorado Springs, CO, USA


To be eligible for the FYDC Missions Team, students must be a member of FYDC for the applicable season, enrolled in at least one class at Turning Pointe Dance, and at least 14 years of age by the applicable season's annual production in November. Students who accept their position on the Missions Team are required to attend all missions rehearsals and must commit to serving in the season's three missions events.


Students selected to the FYDC Missions Team will pay an additional $200 in tuition. This one-time fee will cover the cost of touring production rehearsals, workshop leadership training, and FYDC Missions apparel to be worn at each event.


Each student committed to the 2023-24 Missions Team will be charged with raising an additional $1,500 for the trip to El Salvador.  This will cover their travel, housing and food through Amazing Love Ministries. Templates for sponsorship and fundraising letters will be provided for each student in the FYDC Missions Handbook.


Students who wish to join the 2023-24 Missions Team should fill out an FYDC Missions application in addition to their audition form for the applicable season. Please note members of the 2023 Company are not required to apply for the Missions Team; however, members of the Missions Team must be named to the 2023 Company. 

The 2023 Company, 2023-24 Missions Team and casting for the 2023 production of "Bring Her Home" will be announced on Sunday, June 4.

Students will have until June 11, 2023, to accept their placement in the Company and their roles in the production, and until October 1, 2023, to confirm their place on the Missions Team. Students who decline their positions must do so in writing by the above-mentioned dates. Students who decline after the deadlines listed are subject to tuition charges and travel reimbursement.

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