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Bienvenido a El Salvador, FYDC Missions!

Hi everyone!

My name’s Lacy, and I’m so excited to be on this team! Late last night we made it to El Salvador. Both of our flights were delayed a bit, but were otherwise uneventful (barring a beautiful sunset). We got through customs and made it safely to our hotel. This is my first time in Central America, and I’m excited to start our ministry tomorrow.

Thank you so much to everyone (all over the world!) who’s been praying for us and our travels. We appreciate your continued prayers for safety, strength, and no heat exhaustion!

Signing off,



My name is Ella, and I am so excited to be on this mission trip! I’ve been here with Turning Pointe twice before, and have been here too many times to count to visit my grandparents (who live here and operate Amazing Love Missions). As we started our journey down to El Salvador, we first took a small flight to Houston before having a layover to get some food. After that, we got on another plane to watch a beautiful sunset as we flew to Central America.

Once we arrived, we got on a bus to our hotel, and there were fresh warm pupusas waiting for us! After settling into our hotel rooms, we went to bed, happy to be safe and comfortable.

Thank you for all your prayers for safe travel! We wouldn’t be here without you!! Continued prayers for safety and that we would touch people’s hearts and be a messenger of good would all be greatly appreciated!

Signing off,


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