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El Salvador: Day 5

Hello everyone!

This is Anna, and I’ve been with Fidèle for 8 years. I’m so so grateful to have the opportunity to go on this mission, and it’s blessed me in unforgettable ways!

 I can’t believe today was our last day in El Salvador. We had a blast! To end our trip, we had the opportunity to go zip lining and explore a town called Ataco. Even though we weren’t out doing specific ministry-based outreaches, it was still so cool to see how God was at work in everything from singing in the streets for the Good Friday processional, to flying high above the beautiful land He created.

One way I saw him working was within our team. Some of our team members had some stomach issues, and despite the utter disappointment of the situation, I saw how the team cared for one another, and how God used that bummer for good. Even in the relationships with people we’ve just met this week like our bus driver, translators, staff, and leaders.

Today was our “fun” day, and it was absolutely incredible. But even more than zip lining, exploring a new town, or any of the “big moments” (like watching the locals create the beautiful Easter alfombras in the streets), I’ve loved all the little moments in between. Playing hand games with the kids we met, braiding each others’ hair, driving in the bus, and eating meals together. I’m so grateful for how this experience has created a stronger bond between all of us and also strengthened each of our relationships with the Lord. I am honored to have served on this team this year.

Signing off,


Hi, everyone!

My name is Emily, and I have been in FYDC for 7 years. When I found out about the mission trip to El Salvador this season, I was so excited! My mother and I have hoped my first time out of the country would be with Turning Pointe for years! I am so appreciative that this trip has been so full of the Lord and His plans.

Today the plan was to go zip lining and see the markets for Good Friday, but that wasn’t exactly what happened for me. I ended up staying at the hotel because I was feeling unwell, and instead I spend the day resting. I am so grateful to everyone here who prayed and helped me so much in so many ways!

When the team got back from today’s adventure, my friends came to my room to check on me and bring me souvenirs they picked up for me. Then a small group of us went to the ice cream shop for the last time. For dinner, a few of us got the chance to connect over our love for various Disney movies and television shows. These late-night talks with my team are some of my very favorite moments!

The biggest thing that stuck out to me today was the prayer circle we made before bed on our last night together here. Everyone prayed for and blessed everyone else. It felt like a more intimate version of the spotlight awards we do at the studio! It was absolutely beautiful. Seeing how God spoke to everybody on the team differently about the same people really touched my heart. 

We are all so grateful for the opportunity to come here to El Salvador and share God’s love and joy. Thank you for all the donations and prayers that have helped this trip be as successful and life-giving as it has been.

Signing off,

Emily V.

Friday Stats:

  • Zip lines completed: 16

  • Team members individually prayed over: 17

  • Hours of sleep before leaving for the airport: 5

  • Total trips to the ice cream shop: 5

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