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El Salvador: Day 3


My name is Meagan. FYDC Missions performed and prayed for the people of El Salvador today, and God showed himself to me through all the different forms of communication. During the epilogue of our Gospel production, I saw a man signing to someone on a video call on his phone. After we danced, when we went to talk and pray with those who needed prayer, my teammate Anna and I walked over to him. We were able to learn so much about him just by asking him to share his story, and Anna had even learned some Salvadorian signs at Tia Ana’s yesterday. God was preparing us to meet this deaf man, and to be able to minister to our audience through dance, English, Spanish, and even sign language.

Later that day, we went to the Metropolitan Cathedral of San Salvador. Being in that holy place was just so fulfilling after such an incredible day. It felt amazing to be in a beautiful place with those who also believe as deeply as we all do.

Thank you all so much for your prayers and support!

Signing off,


Hi, everyone!

Ms. Mimi here. When we went around the table for our daily debrief this evening, Ms. Abbie asked us all to share the one word we would use to describe this incredible day. “Impactful.” “Beyond.” “Powerful.” “Fulfilling.” Mine was “Huge.” It might not be the most eloquent, but the importance and size of this day was bigger than anything we could have dreamt up, or any elegant form of prose I could otherwise use to try and label it. It was a huge day.

While this is my first time on this trip, Turning Pointe Dance has come six times before. Nothing, however, had ever been attempted like what we accomplished today. Since schools are closed for Santa Semana, the missions itinerary looked a bit different this time around. Rather than using today to go back into the community, we let the Lord bring the community to us. It was a plan that took several weeks of working to get approval from the Mayor—a “yes” that only came just last week—and a gamble we weren’t sure would pay off. Three performances of our Gospel story production were planned on the streets of San Salvador, and we prayed that He would anoint our steps and bring us His chosen hearts. By the end of the first performance, we had the attention of the mayor, the city and cultural center’s media accounts and the local newspapers, and it was decided that by the third run through, we would need to be moved to a bigger location to accommodate the growing crowds.

We were told on the bus today that dancing in the City Center Square had been forbidden. Different groups had danced there over the years, but it led to civilians reaching out and grabbing dancers, roughness and concerns that led to the practice being outlawed. We were told on the bus that the ban had been lifted just eight days ago, and with our final performance, we were the first group to dance again on that ground. We heard numerous times what a blessing it was to take back the square, and to redeem the art of dancing in Jesus’ name. By the end of the final epilogue, the streets had filled with hundreds of people. They came forward and asked for prayer. They came forward and asked to receive Jesus. They came forward and received the Spanish Bibles that were so generously donated to us back in Colorado Springs. They came forward and asked to dance with us. We saw healing, restoration and lives changed in a way we never saw coming. Like I said, it was huge.

Thank you all for your continued prayers, and for following along on our journey. We’re just more than halfway through, and I can’t wait to see what else God has in store!

Signing off,

Ms. Mimi

Wednesday Stats:

  • Spanish Bibles given out: 128

  • Minutes danced on the streets: 2 hours, 15 minutes

  • Tourist attractions visited post-performances: 2

  • Total trips to the ice cream shop: 3

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