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El Salvador: Day 4

Hi, I’m Adrianne! 

Today we went to a youth conference at a church in Comasagua. When we arrived, we were able to listen to their beautiful worship music, and for the last song, we got to stand up and incorporate dancing. We even taught everyone at the conference a mini dance that they could do themselves to join in! It was a great time showing them and teaching them how to use movement to praise God.

Once we finished the worship songs, we performed our gospel production, and told them about the incredible experience of performing it yesterday. The kids loved it! Several of them even had happy tears in their eyes. When we finished, the team went around the room and prayed over the kids. We talked to them, got to know them, and showed God’s love to them. We served lunch, sat down, and shared an incredible meal with everyone in attendance. We listened to the sermon afterward, gave away prizes, then said our goodbyes.

It was amazing. I saw God work in so many different ways, from praying over one another, to dancing praises with all of the kids. Everyone was so welcoming and loving. Even though we spoke different languages and struggled to understand each other, that didn’t stop us from making deep connections. I praise God for His help today in conversations. I know I struggled trying to talk to some of the children, but with God’s greatness, He lead me through it! He gave me the words to say and helped me understand. Our God really is an awesome God, who understands praise in every language.

Every second of today God used for His good. I saw him bless people and show Himself every moment. Throughout this mission, I’ve seen so much of His grace, and I’m so grateful I was able to act as His hands and feet.

Signing off,


Hi, everyone!

Today we danced at the Comasagua youth conference. We got to teach the kids our “Yahweh se Magnifestara” dance, and perform our gospel production again. I really liked the live worship music in the church service that the conference leaders played. Many of the songs we sang were songs I recognized from the church I grew up in, but all of them were in Spanish, which was super cool. It made me feel at home in worship, even though we’re so far away. No matter where we are, we worship the one true King who reigns over all nations.

I really saw His presence in the world around us today, with all the kids being so accepting of us and the gifts we shared with each other. I loved talking to the kids and learning about their interests.

Thank you all so much for your continued prayer support. We have one more day before we head home, and ask for prayers as we head into the mountains for zip lining, street mural and a Good Friday Santa Semana processional. And of course please join us in continuing to pray for the people here as they grow a love for God.

Signing off,


Thursday Stats:

  • Students at the Comasagua Youth Conference: 80

  • FYDC production shirts raffled: 33

  • Lunches served: 100+

  • Total trips to the ice cream shop: 4

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Marisela Yi-Delgado
Marisela Yi-Delgado
30 mar

I love that powerful Praise & Worship song by Oasis Ministry! Excellent choice!

Mi piace
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