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El Salvador: Day 1

Updated: Mar 27

Hi everyone!

My name is Lauryn, and I am a senior with FYDC. It is such a blessing to be on this mission trip here in El Salvador!

Today was an absolutely incredible first day. This morning, we drove to the Remar Orphanage and got to perform our gospel story and dance with the kids there. My favorite part was watching the joy on the kids’s faces as we taught them how to dance. It was amazing to see them try something new and worship the Lord through their movements. Even though our communication was limited, I think everyone felt the hope and joy from the kids and from our team (and we all got to practice our Spanish!).

After that, we served and ate lunch with everyone, and then we had some time to play and dance with the kids before a tour of the orphanage. I loved talking to some of the kids about things they liked to do, or even just holding their hands as we walked around the property. In just a short time, I felt so connected to the people we were serving, and we were all sad to leave. We got back to the hotel, had dinner as a team, and prayed after our day.

Right now we’re praying that our team would stay safe and healthy (and not too hot!), and for the hearts of all the people we will be serving this week. Thank you to all of you for keeping us in your prayers, as well! They’re truly appreciated and felt.

Signing off,



My name is Emily, and I am so thankful for the opportunity to be apart of this incredible mission team! 

Today we had an amazing time at the Remar Orphanage, where we were able to perform the Gospel Story through dance, as well as hang out with the kids. Afterward we visited a nearby beach, made a quick stop for ice cream, and had dinner with the team including and a little debrief, devotion and prayer session.

Despite the language barriers and exhausting heat, it really was such an amazing first day in El Salvador! Something that stood out to me today was that God's love is unconditional. At one point while hanging out with the kids, I noticed Lauryn (who also wrote a summary for today!) holding one of the little boys. I could see in this little boy's eyes that he loved Lauryn with all of his heart, although he hadn't known her for more than a few hours.

All of these kids at the orphanage contained so much joy and love in their hearts and I can't tell you how amazed I was by this. Seeing the little boy in Lauryn's arms, it reminded me of God's love for us. Not just that He loves us, but that no matter what we do or where we go, His love for us is limitless, and he’ll scoop us up in his loving embrace whenever we run to Him with open arms, the same way these children embraced us today.


Thank you for your prayers and support!! I feel so blessed to be surrounded by this community.

Signing off,

Emily M

Remar Orphanage is a home for boys, girls and young adults who need support in El Salvador. Their goal is to help each child’s development towards regular growth as they overcome trauma, and ultimately guide them to reclaim their lives. It was an honor to perform with the children there, learn more about their restorative programs, donate supplies to their school, serve along side staff at meal time, and to worship our King through dance together.

To learn more about Remar, its programs and community, including how to give and support their work, please click here.

Monday Stats:

  • Children currently living at Remar: 75

  • Current enrollment at Remar’s school: 300

  • Today’s high temperature in San Salvador: 94

  • Trips to the ice cream shop: 1

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Marisela Yi-Delgado
Marisela Yi-Delgado
27 mar

Thank you for using your God-given talents and for being Jesus' hands and feet in El Salvador. Jesus loves you and so do I!

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