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El Salvador: Day 2

Hello everyone!!

My name is Jessica! I am so blessed and excited to be on this missions trip. It’s only our second day here in El Salvador, and I have already learned so much—two of the biggest being how to have true child-like faith, and the act of fully surrendering to the Lord.

Today we got to visit Tia Ana’s home. First we got to meet all the kids who live there. They introduced themselves (name and age) in English to us; then we introduced ourselves in Spanish, which was a fun challenge. We got to play with them for a little while and got a tour of the house. We got to eat lunch and get to know the kids better with the help of our wonderful translators! Knowing very little Spanish is definitely a challenge, but it’s so fun learning how to communicate in other ways.

One of those ways is through dance! Dance is such a beautiful and unique form of communication that transcends the language barrier. We got to teach them some dancing and they taught us some, too. Their faith and trust is so eye opening and admirable. They truly demonstrate the child-like faith that Jesus describes in the Bible.

Finally, we got to hear Tia Ana share her story. It was so inspiring to know all that she went through and how God has fully redeemed her life and story. He is using her in such a mighty way, and she is a blessing in each life of every child who passes through her doors. In her testimony is where I was reminded of what full surrender looks like. She is expectant of what the Lord will provide even when it seems uncertain. She has given everything to Him and knows what the Lord has promised.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers! We appreciate them more than you know.

Signing off,



My name is Juli, and I am a part of this year's mission team. This experience has been eye-opening in innumerable ways!

Today we went to Tia Ana's house. We met her kids and shared a meal with them. At first, I was nervous about approaching them without the safety net of a planned event. However, we were able to connect with everyone quickly. We were soon swapping dance moves, hand games, and basketball skills. The few hours we had with them really flew by!

As we were wrapping up our time together, we got to pray over the children. Then, to our surprise, they were invited to pray over us. As they were praying, I was hit with the fact that I had no idea what they were saying. Yet they were addressing the same Father I know. The same Jesus who lives in me is present in all of these children. Ultimately, He knows what words were said and He was glorified in them. What a wonderful God we serve that He has no barriers or border lines!

Signing off,


We were so blessed by the testimony shared by Tia Ana today, and to see the work she has done for the children in her home. We enjoyed sharing some FYDC logo wear and our Easter traditions to celebrate Santa Semana, praying together, dancing together, and pouring out the Lord’s love over each other.

Tuesday stats:

  • Children currently living in Tia Ana’s home: 18

  • Easter eggs stuffed, hidden and found: 91

  • Hours in the bus: 5

  • Total trips to the ice cream shop: 2

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