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Welcome to the 2024 Missions Journal!

Hi, everyone!

Ms. Mimi here, Director of Fidèle Youth Dance Company. It's long been a goal of mine to start this branch of the company, and now that the premier season is underway, I can't tell you what a blessing it's been to watch the Lord open doors through this amazing group of students. We're on a mission to use our God-given gifts in the arts as a means of ministry, to build relationships with the people we serve and the teams we serve alongside, and to encourage others to encounter God through dance. It's been amazing to live out our mission and values in this way, and I'm so excited to see how the Lord will continue to work in and through FYDC Missions.

The inaugural FYDC Mission Team has already been hard at work, preparing a gospel story production, learning the routines and programing we're teaching around the world, and growing in their faith together as a team. Our first two events were carried out in February, starting with a Valentine's Day of dance at Liberty Heights—a senior lifestyle community that provides independent and assisted living, memory care, and nursing/rehabilitation services right here in Colorado Springs. Our team performed the missions gospel production, then led a warmup of gentle movement and stretching, followed by an hour of ballroom lessons and dancing. Our cast members visited with the community, assisted in the instruction, and partnered the residents as they learned a brand new style of dance together.

It was an amazing opportunity to minister to our city, and to encourage others to join us in dancing for God. I've been fortunate enough to serve as the outreach coordinator for Turning Pointe Dance almost 6 years now, and have worked to include community service initiatives in all 10 of FYDC's regular seasons. That said, I can honestly say that the day we spent with the residents of Liberty Heights was one of the most joy-filled outreach days I have ever experienced!

Next up, our team had the privilege of performing for the 200+ members of the First Presbyterian Women's Bible Study in the heart of downtown Colorado Springs. We got to share our heart for FYDC Missions, and dance an excerpt from our gospel production, "Yo Tambien" ("So Will I"). We were met with a standing ovation, and sent off covered in prayer. It was an honor to spend the morning at their weekly service, and we look forward to dancing alongside them at more events in the future!

What's Next:

Our next mission is set for March 24, when our team will travel to San Salvador over Spring Break. They'll spend the week teaching dance to children in foster care and orphanages, speaking and performing at a youth conference attended by 100+ students from all across the country, and performing the gospel story throughout a day in Plaza Cívica as a part of Santa Semanathe country's Holy Week celebration leading up to Easter Sunday.

You can follow along with our season on social media (linked in full on the footer of, and subscribe to this journal for updates throughout our week in El Salvador (including first-hand accounts of ministry in motion from the students themselves).

Fun Facts:

  • The inaugural FYDC Mission Team is comprised of 14 students, ages 14-18.

  • More than half of the team has danced with FYDC for 6 years or more, and three are currently in their senior year.

  • The debut season consists of five missions/performances, three in Colorado Springs, one in Vail, and a week in El Salvador.

Current Prayer Needs:

  • At the time of posting, our team has reached around 93% of the fundraising goal for El Salvador. We pray the Lord will provide as we work to cross the financial finish line.

  • With 17 days before departing for Central America, we pray for peace through thoughtful preparation, protection from illness and injury, and hearts wide open to all the Lord has in store.

  • Details and logistics are coming together for our missions in April and May. We pray that everything is finalized smoothly, and that each event creates opportunity for others to dance with the Lord.

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